What is Check-MIG Colombia? Requirements and all important and useful informati

What is Check-MIG Colombia?

Check Mig ColombiaThe Colombian Check-MIG Form is an online health declaration that must be completed by every person who wishes to cross the Colombian border, whether to enter or to leave Colombia.
Check-MIG requires travellers to provide basic information about their trip to or from Colombia, as well as their personal details and current health status.
The form can be accessed and completed online from wherever you find most convenient when preparing for your trip. Remember to fill out your health declaration within 24 hours of crossing the Colombian border.
The maximum time of completing the Colombian Check-MIG form is one hour before your flight departure.

Do I need the Check-MIG form to Colombia?

Everyone needs to have the completed Check-MIG form for both entering and leaving the Colombian territory.
This ensures the safety of both Colombians and foreign visitors and travellers. The Colombian authorities are notified whenever anyone decides to cross their border and have all essential health information of the incoming and leaving travellers.
That way, any possible Covid-19 cases can be tracked and easily detected within the country. Health declarations help in ensuring international travels are safe and possible during the pandemic.

When should I complete the Check-MIG form to Colombia?

Complete your Colombian Check-MIG declaration within 24 hours before leaving or entering Colombia.
The short window of time when you should fill the form ensures all the data you provide will be relevant and up-to-date.

What do I need to fill the Check-MIG form?

check mig colombia formTo complete the Check-MIG form successfully, you will need to prepare all the necessary details about your upcoming trip, including:

  • The border crossing point to be used
  • Way of entering/leaving Colombia
  • Date of arrival/departure
  • Estimated time of crossing the Colombian border
  • Flight details

You will also need a valid travel document you’ll be using to cross the Colombian border, which will most likely be your passport.

How to complete the Check-MIG form?

The Colombian Check-MIG form is easily available online to every traveller needing to complete it.
Spare a few minutes and prepare all the details about your trip to or from Colombia to successfully complete the form.
Step-by-step guide on completing the Check-MIG form:

  1. Fill the Check-MIG form with the required data – carefully complete the Check-MIG form with all the required data and make sure every piece of information is correct and relevant.
  2. Answer a few health and Covid-19-related questions
  3. Cover the service fee using a credit/debit card or any other method of payment
  4. Wait for a confirmation email to be delivered

The processed Check-MIG confirmation will reach your email inbox shortly after submitting your form online.
To avoid any possible issues with entering or leaving Colombia and speed up the border procedures, make sure the data you enter in the Check-MIG form is correct and up-to-date.
It’s best to double-check the completed form before submitting it further for approval and pay attention to the correctness of the required details when filling out your Check-MIG form.